Startups offer assistive devices, apps for visually challenged
Bengaluru: Among the more than 25 million visually impaired people in India, Braille literacy rate is less than 1%, say makers of Annie, a device that helps students learn how to read, write and type in Braille script without the...
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Meet the mentor of startups working with differently-abled people
Prateek Madhav is in awe of India’s blind cricket team. Led by 28-year-old Ajay Kumar Reddy, the team won the 2018 Blind Cricket World Cup and the 2017 Blind T20 World Cup. “Competing with the best in the world, India’s...
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An Ecosystem for Disability
In a country where 8 crore people live with some form of disability (as per an estimate by World Bank 2018 report), there’s a worrying absence of a dedicated effort to ensure a life of dignity for them. This is...
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How former Microsoft, Accenture execs joined hands with Samarthanam Trust for an accelerator to help startups making solutions for the disabled
See a problem, solve it – that’s the mantra that most startups set out with. And in doing so, they come up with solutions that makes things easier for a wide audience. The same goes for startups working in assisted...
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Karnataka accelerator gives a leg-up to disability technology solution startups
BENGALURU:  Smartphone cameras could soon become a visually challenged person's window to the world. A newly developed Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered mobile application that is set to hit the market will provide the user live and vocal commentary about his or...
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Government to partner with ATA to start disability-focused tech accelerator
The State Government will support country’s first disability-focused technology accelerator Assistive Technology Accelerator (ATA), along with Samarthanam Trustfor the disabled at a cost of Rs 11 crore, according to Social Welfare Minister Priyank Kharge. Launched in November 2018, ATA is...
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